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Web Site Design, Development, Hosting

A Web site to promote your products or services is a critical part of doing business.  As your online storefront, your Web site must project a professional image, be reflective of your business, and be easy and cost effective for you to maintain. 


eEmbark leverages the most flexible, robust and cost effective Web site technology platform available – DotNetNuke.  We are focused on providing today’s savvy’s business owner everything you need to get started or to expand – the space, the technology, and the support.  Once your Web site is created, we enable you to maintain your site through a Web browser, using a simple, Microsoft Word-like editor.  No html knowledge is required. 


eEmbark offers a robust array of features that can be incorporated into your Web site, such as user registration, document and image management, statistics (so you can track who is visiting your site), announcements, maps, search, e-commerce, and much more.  As your needs expand, we’ll support you every step of the way and deliver offer cost-effective solutions. 


If you already have an existing Web site, we can convert your existing site into our framework and then provide you with direct access to maintain your site – update text, upload new content and images (e.g., photos of homes for sale), tracking.

Graphic Design & Marketing

eEmbark offers a comprehensive suite of graphic design and marketing services to complement our Web site services.  Such services enable you to establish and maintain a consistent image online and offline - e.g., printed brochures, advertisements, marketing campaigns, trade show/event support.  Like our Web site services, our graphic design and marketing services can be tailored to meet your needs.  Below is a listing of available services:

  • Logo development and branding
  • Business cards, letterhead
  • Marketing brochure, flyer
  • Advertisement – e.g., for a local newspaper
  • Trade show graphics, logistics
  • Marketing campaign – direct mail and email
  • Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • News releases       …and more
Custom Software Development

Whether your needs range from a custom desktop solution to a robust web-enabled application, our experienced software development team are experts in taking your vision and making it a reality.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you harnessing the full power of search engines? According to a recent report, Google received 68 percent of U.S. Searches in May 2008 and accounted for 87 percent of searches in UK. Our search engine services are broken down into the followin 8 areas that will help your business realize the full potential of search.

  1. Captivate - create a site that captivates your target audience
  2. Advance - ensure your site can be found by the most popular search engines
  3. Engage - engage your visitors and attract new visitors
  4. Analyze - determine where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site
  5. Optimize - determine what site content and design works best with your visitors
  6. Monetize - deliver ads precisely targeted to your content
  7. Localize - ensure you are found on local searches
  8. Socialize - harness the power of popluar social networks
Non-Profit Solutions
Accomplish more with less using eEmbark

eEmbark provides solutions that can help nonprofit organizations get the most out of their time, money, and personnel. Whether your organization wants to deliver services, spread its message, or raise funds, eEmbark has provides services and support that is up to the task.
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